Brace yourself

,,Choosing the most durable option is important for tomorrow.''

The material used for this project was Paperfoam. Paperfoam is a blend of Starch, paper fibers and a secret ingredient. This blend allows for an almost styrofoam material but totaly bio degradable. For more information about the material please visit


For the research in this project the FORTH innovation method has been used. The FORTH methode gave us the tools to do a proper research for bottlenecks in the medical sector. The top 3 bottlenecks found by this intensive research were problems with braces. These proved inconvenient, costly and had a long lead time.
For this research there where consultations with: medical specialists, employee CSR UMCG and patients visited.


The design is made for the user to help him in stead of disabling. With an overloaded or a fractured wrist you would expect that you should minimize hand movement. During the research it was proven that the opposite was true for the hand itself, only the wrist itself has to be still. The shape enable the user so that it can continue to use his fingers to type without straining his wrist. The inspiration comes from the wooden part of a splint designed in ww II by Charles Eames.

Why we chose a wooden part in a modern design? The reason why is that wood is just as Paperfoam fully recyclable in the Biosphere. Using aluminium would significantly raise the informational impact of this green product